Biodegradable Asphalt Solvent / Cleaner

Pavertrend™ replaces hazardous and environmentally harmful products like citrus solvents and diesel fuel. Pavertrend™ biodegrades very quickly once in the soil. Naturally occurring bacteria feed on Pavertrend™ and quickly break it down. In fact, the asphalt and tar that is cleaned with Pavertrend™ will start to biodegrade in the soil. What does not biodegrade will return to a solid state, so it cannot seep down into the water table and pollute the waters.

Two things: 

Biodegradable Asphalt Solvent / CleanerPavertrend™ has a flash point above 140°C. 

Diesel fuel / Citrus solvent products have a flash point well below 52°C classifying them as hazardous waste. 

Second, Pavertrend™ leaves a non-stick, biodegradable coating on tools and equipment to prevent asphalt from re-depositing. Diesel / Citrus products evaporate very quickly due to their low flash point allowing re-depositing. As a result, more Diesel fuel / Citrus solvent product is required to achieve the same results as Pavertrend™.

Pavertrend is available only through Spick n Clean Products Pty. Ltd. and its master distributors overseas. Call us directly for sales queries and technical information – Tel.: 61 2 97710737.

Pavertrend™ is available in 1000L IBC Tanks, 225L drums, and 25 L cubes.

If you accidentally spill Pavertrend™ on an asphalt surface that you want to keep, just rinse the area with water and the asphalt will remain intact.

Pavertrend™ was formulated to dissolve asphalt and similar types of material but it will not harm clothing or shoes. In fact, most customers use Pavertrend™ to spot clean asphalt from their clothes and shoes.

Pavertrend™ was formulated to be used just like diesel fuel. Therefore, no mixing is required. 

Pavertrend™ of course has to be a strong solvent in order to dissolve asphalt. Painted surfaces should be rinsed immediately after cleaning to prevent any ill effect on painted surfaces.

We recommend that seals and gaskets on sprayers and pumps used for Pavertrend™ be made of Viton material.


Pavertrend™ Diesel :
Bio-green Hazardous
High flash point Low flash point
Non-inflammable Highly inflammable
Slow evaporation Quick evaporation
Works on any hot-mix design,
SBS, Polystyrene, Rubber
Does not work on
complex hot-mix designs
Saves money Expensive

Pavertrend™ will change the industry standard 

EPA Compliant Biodegradable Asphalt SolventSPICK N CLEAN PRODUCTS PTY. LTD. focused on making products that are safe for the environment. One of newest solutions Pavertrend™ literally change the paving industry. 

For the past 25 years, the way to clean asphalt has been to use diesel fuel which is illegal, but cheap and effective. A few paving crews use a cleaner made of orange oils, but it's very flammable and considered a hazardous waste. Hundreds or thousands of liters of diesel fuel a day across the state are dumped on the ground and threaten our water supply. 

This problem of cleaning asphalt with diesel fuel or citrus solvent is an invisible problem. People don't even really understand that it's there. There are literally hundreds or thousands of liters of diesel fuel and hazardous orange products spilled on the ground every day in Australia. And most people don't realize it because it's not hurting them.

Asphalt once it's on the road: it's hard, sticks together well & doesn't wash away. But what makes the black, sticky substance so useful for our roads makes it difficult for workers building the roads. Shoveling asphalt, raking asphalt, it's on their equipment, it's on their trucks. They need a way to clean that equipment off the trucks very quickly out in the-field.

"We saw the need for an alternative cleaner and developed Pavertrend™. 

If it was diesel fuel, we would have violated EPA regulations by spilling that on the ground. But because this is Pavertrend™, there's no violation of the regulations because it's completely biodegradable and completely non-hazardous.

The EPA can impose a fine of $10,000 to anyone caught dumping diesel fuel. Problem is, it's rarely enforced. That's because, nothing has been available to do the job that meets EPA requirements. 

That's why we think Pavertrend™ will change the industry standard when it comes to cleaning asphalt.