Pavertrend Asphalt / Hot mix Release Agent

Pavertrend™ - The Asphalt Release Agent

We at Spick n Clean products Pty Ltd, are uniquely positioned to help solve some of the biggest challenges – In non-stick, never-stick, release agent world. Our market driven products – tackle unprecedented challenges in construction, asphalt roads & ore build-up in the mining industry. Spick n Clean™, the release agent company supplies environment friendly release agent emulsions and supplementary products. These are in high demand worldwide due to their suitability of application under the most diverse circumstances. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing on unrivaled service, personal approach and our knowledge driven attitude.

Spick n Clean™ is working with customers, state governments & municipal councils – to discover solutions to today’s toughest challenges. Our strategic focal point combined with our small-scale and extremely dedicated team is the successful foundation of our rapid expanding business. We manufacture a broad range of innovative products that help meet growing needs.

Product development

We make sure to always adapt our non-stick product development efforts to changes in the asphalt industry, in the production processes implemented by our customers, or in applicable legislations. We are dedicated to developing new concepts and meeting the highest possible product quality standards.

One of our key priorities is to always consider the environmental aspect. Our experts use their comprehensive knowledge and experience to develop innovative solutions that protect both the environment and the people working with our products.

Therefore we @ Pavertrend™ : big enough to supply the world and small enough to stay personal.