Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act) 

The act prohibits discharge of oil or related substances on the ground. It relates to the paving industry, and are the reasons why it is no longer permissible to use diesel fuel to clean equipment with or as a release agent.

Literature by the major petrochemical producers indicates that petroleum distillate fractions, even with some modification of the chemical structure, are considered as “oils”. Therefore, diesel fuel, being a fuel oil, is considered an oil by these petrochemical producers.

How Does this Affect the Paving Industry?

The most likely way a chemical used by the paving industry could be defined as a hazardous waste is if it is ignitable. For this reason, the flash point of chemicals bought for various applications such as lubrication, cleaning, etc. becomes important. It is not enough that the material be of natural origin, contain no petroleum distillates or chlorinated hydrocarbons and be biodegradable. The product must also have a flash point above 125°C, or it is considered a hazardous waste. Since the flash point of citrus oils is 49°C, diesel fuel and other petroleum solvents are hazardous wastes, and cannot be spilt on the ground.

State Department of Transportation’s (DOT) is forbidding contractors from using diesel fuel on state jobs.

Avoiding EPA Fines:

Most paving crews know that the use of diesel to clean paving equipment is not EPA compliant but, many may not know why. 

Many paving crews continue to use diesel fuel as an asphalt cleaner even though it’s illegal because they cannot find another product that works as effectively. Pavertrend™ solves that problem. 

Not only does Pavertrend™ work quickly in removing asphalt, but it also leaves a slick oily film on the surface of tools and equipment to prevent asphalt and tar from sticking. 

When diesel fuel is spilled near roadways, it is absorbed into the ground or carried to local streams by rain water. It eventually makes its way into the water table, contaminating your drinking water. The benefits of not using diesel fuel not only include avoiding expensive fines or being environmentally friendly, but also to protect the drinking water you and your family enjoy every day.

Did you know that it only takes 1 Liter of diesel fuel to contaminate over 1 million Liter’s of drinking water? 

EPA fines are costly and cause time-loss.

Better for the Environment!

One company in NSW accidentally knocked over a 20 Liter pale/cube of diesel fuel and was prosecuted in court and shut down for three days while the spill was cleaned up to a hazardous waste site.

Better than Diesel!
Pavertrend™ not only environmentally friendly and non-hazardous, but it stays on longer allowing for fewer applications, saving you time and money.

Environmentally Safe Solvent
All natural and 100% biodegradable.

High flashpoint makes Pavertrend™ Green safe for workers and less expensive to ship.

EPA Compliant 
Meets all EPA regulations as a non-hazardous waste.

Powerful Solvent 
proven more efficient and effective than diesel fuel or kerosene for dissolving asphalt.

Slow Evaporation Rate 
stays on shovels, rakes, and truck beds longer so you may re-apply less often.

Marine Life 
This product is not classed as a water pollutant or a toxic chemical.  This product is not considered toxic to aquatic environments. Product is Biodegradable. However, avoid uncontrolled releases of this product into the marine life.

Pavertrend™ is a unique bio-green solvent to replace diesel fuel. It is currently being used by Department of Roads & Transportation, paving contractors and Councils.

Pavertrend™ has changed the way the paving industry cleans their equipment – setting a new industry standard.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is now starting to enforce environmental laws much more aggressively. Using diesel fuel on truck beds is a thing of the past. Paving contractors – state & councils are now forced to look for alternative methods.