What is Pavertrend

Pavertrend™ Cost effective & Safe Asphalt Release Agent

Pavertrend™ is a most effective Non-Stick Cleaner and Lubricant used in Asphalt paving applications. Pavertrend™ is the Biogreen alternative to other petroleum based lubricants. 

Pavertrend™ has changed the way the paving industry cleans their equipment. Pavertrend™ sets a new standard by being environmentally safe and several times more effective and cost saving. 

Pavertrend™ is better than Diesel, since it is Biogreen and safe it is legal to use. Avoid EPA fine by using Pavertrend™. Inaddition Pavertrend™ is highly cost effective. Pavertrend™ saves time & effort and reduces frequency of cleaning equipment since action of Pavertrend™ is long lasting by leaving a slick oily film on the surface of the equipment that prevents sticking of asphalt to the surface of the equipment. What can I use to clean paving equipment other than diesel fuel? Click to read..

Cleaning hoper :

  • Diesel : Spray the hopper about every 5th load to prevent build-up
  • Pavertrend™ : Spray the hopper down only twice per day to prevent build-up.

Cleaning shovels :

  • Diesel : Spray every 5th shovel to prevent asphalt build-up
  • Pavertrend™ : Once sprayed or rinsed can shovel upto 30 times before cleaning and rinsing again to prevent build-up.

Save money : 

It takes 5 times as much diesel fuel compared to Pavertrend™ to do the same job. It is not only the quantity of the solvent that is saved but also the time spent in cleaning with more than 5 times fewer intervals.

Avoid EPA fines :

Governments are strict in imposing EPA fines since 1 litre of Diesel fuel will contaminate 1 million litres of drinking water. in addition Diesel has a low flash point posing high risk of OHS.

Comparison : 

Pavertrend™ Diesel :
Bio-green Hazardous
High flash point Low flash point
Non-inflammable Highly inflammable
Slow evaporation Quick evaporation
Works on any hot-mix design,
SBS, Polystyrene, Rubber
Does not work on
complex hot-mix designs
Saves money Expensive

How to use Pavertrend (Video demo)     View / Download Pavertrend MSDS     Download Pavertrend Brochure