Safe & Effective Biodegradable Asphalt Solvent

Product Safety

  • Non – Flammable
  • Non – Corrosive
  • Non – Carcinogenic (cancerous)


  • Compatible with Ferrous, Non-Ferrous metals and their alloys. not compatible with lead, cadmium, zinc and alloys containing high levels of these metals. Suitable substitutes for these materials are available and should be used.

  • Compatible with rubber, hydraulic seals, O-rings & special plastics. However, we recommend Viton seals & O-rings

  • Compatible with most paints and coatings - especially with epoxy coatings. Not compatible with zinc based coatings. Refer coating manufacturers directly.

Slow Evaporation

When spilled on fresh asphalt mat – does not cause voids, seed potholes & rutting. Just hose with water.

Work Safety

Storage    -10°C to 50°C
Shelf Life:  One year from the date of supply 
Gloves: Gloves recommended.
Eyes: Safety glasses recommended 
HMIS Rating:  Health: 0 Fire: 1 Reactivity: 0
(Hazard Materials Identification System)
Swallowed:  Do not induce vomiting 
Fumes, Odor & Emissions: Nil 
Disposable Cost:  Nil 
Material is 99% Biodegradable
Mild caustic (pH > 9) may be used to clean residual product.

Environment Safety

Evaporates 50% in seven days & Balance biodegrades. What does not bio-degrade will return to a solid state, so it cannot seep down into the water table and pollute the waters.
Does not harm Aquatic or Marine life. However, excessive spillage should be avoided.

Legal Safety

  • Meets EPA pollution act
  • Meets worker’s safety
  • Meets insurance requirements
  • Meets transportation criteria
  • Meets operation cost
  • Meets environmental issues.


Increases productivity & Decreases maintenance cost.