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Australian Asphalt & Pavement Association News

The Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) is the apex body representing the Asphalt & Pavement Industry in Australia.

AAPA is committed to the interests of all members of Asphalt & Pavement industry, and communicates on issues of Australian National importance.

Asphalt industry is a dynamic, multifaceted sector responsible for the design, specification, manufacture, construction and maintenance of all forms of flexible pavement. Together with its members, AAPA demonstrates and enables technical excellence in the sustainable use of bitumen-based products in pavement engineering solutions.

Open to all organisations involved in the industry, AAPA’s membership base includes bitumen suppliers, asphalt producers, sprayed surface operators and equipment suppliers. Membership also includes Road Authorities and State and Local Governments across Australia. AAPA provides a range of member services including a wide suite of training courses, regular industry events, and technical advice on a national and state basis.

We recommend all our Pavertrend website visitors connected to this industry to visit and take membership to create a robust community for the Flexible Pavement Industry.