Australia made


Simply look for the famous green and gold Australian Made kangaroo logo. Only products that meet the strict rules approved by the Federal Government.

So if you want to buy Australian Made, look for the logo. Australian shoppers have trusted for 25 years, the original, and only recognised, Australian Made logo.


Is manufactured & processed in Australia and meets the Australian Made guidelines.

2014 new research from Roy Morgan revealed buying Australian made products has become more important to Australian consumers. The research confirms that people are becoming more conscientious about buying local. They are aware of the benefits of buying Aussie products, and of the impact that their purchasing behaviour has on jobs, local business and future opportunities.


How your business can leverage country of origin labelling to gain a competitive advantage.

Leading municipal Councils are supporting the Australian made local industry – to show its dedication and commitment to local economic development, which includes creation of jobs, harnessing potential opportunities, fostering entrepreneurship and building community capacity.

Australian Made sought Government support for Commonwealth Procurement Procedures. Federal, State & local Councils are encouraging Australian Made, Australian Grown logo.

Australia’s only registered country of origin certification trade mark.

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