1. What surfaces will our Pavertrend™ work on?
All types of Metal, Plastic and Rubber
2. What makes Pavertrend™ different than diesel or kerosene?
PAVERTREND™ Flash Point > 125°c
DIESEL Flash Point < 50°C.
Second, PAVERTREND™ leaves a non-stick, Bio-Green coating on tools and equipment to prevent asphalt from build-up.
Whereas Diesel evaporate very quickly due to their low flash point allowing build-up. As a result, more diesel is required .
3. Does your release agent contain any carcinogens or reproductive hazards?
NO ! Its a Bio-Green product and follow strict EPA Guidelines.
4. How does Pavertrend™ help the environment?
Bio-Green Pavertrend™ replaces hazardous and environmentally harmful products like diesel fuel, kerosene.
Pavertrend™ biodegrades very quickly once in the soil. The main ingredients in Pavertrend™ actually helps in the breakdown of Diesel. Therefore, the asphalt and tar that is cleaned with Pavertrend™ will also start to biodegrade in the soil. What does not biodegrade will return to a solid state, so it cannot seep down into the water table and pollute the waters.
5. Have there been any lab tests performed?
YES ! Pavertrend™ has been lab tested against Diesel and also against soil contamination. Just click on “BIOGREEN” for more details..............
6. Pavertrend™ be mixed or used straight?
Pavertrend™ is an asphalt solvent and therefore to be applied straight without any dilution.
7. How much product is required for a given surface area?
Non- Stick (release agent) properties you just need a micro-film coating and as a cleaner, lubricant: 1 Ltr. Pavertrend = 30m2 area
8. What is the freezing temperature?
Pavertrend™ is such a strong cleaner - will it damage shoes, clothing ?
In fact, most customers use Pavertrend™ to spot clean asphalt from their clothes and shoes. It will not harm clothing or shoes.
9. What impact will your Pavertrend™ have on aquatic wildlife?
Pavertrend™ is not classed as a water pollutant or a toxic chemical. This product is not considered toxic to aquatic environments. Product is Biodegradable. However, avoid uncontrolled releases of this product into the environment.
10. Does PAVERTREND™ damage the paint on our vehicles?
PAVERTREND™ will not damage painted surfaces. However, care should be taken for prolong application, it should be rinsed with water.
11. What kind of seals and gaskets should be used to prevent deterioration?
We recommend that seals and gaskets on sprayers and pumps used for Pavertrend™ be made of Viton material.
12. What is Australian Made?
Pavertrend™ is manufactured and processed in Australia. It meets the “Australian Made”guidelines.
So if you want to buy Australian Made, look for the famous logo – green and gold Australian made kangaroo.
Roy Morgan Research Institute, showed that 85% of the respondents trusted the “Australian Made”logo over other country of origin logos.
13. What approvals do your Pavertrend™ have?
Major asphalt companies like Boral, Fulton Hogan, EDI Downer Works, major state asphalt contractors and Councils use PAVERTREND™ On their paving, flowcon trucks, tools and equipment to avoid EPA fines. We are preferred suppliers and from time to time all our products are evaluated for quality and safety check by these companies.
14. How can I get started with your Pavertrend™ ?
Contact Us:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. : 61 2 97710737 (leave a message)
15. How should we evaluate the cost Of Pavertrend™ Vs DIESEL ?
Average FLOWCON Trucks uses 5L Diesel @ $1.50L = $7.50/Ltr. Whereas, PAVERTREND™ finishes the same job in 1 Ltr + you enjoy the other added benefits @ no cost – like safety, EPA Fines, Non-Stick, Lubricant, Corrosion resistant and as a cleaner.
16. Do I need special equipment when working with Pavertrend™ ?
Spray bottles, paint brush, mop, dipping shovels in a bucket and cleaning it with a mop. No special application is required.
17. Does anyone else sell Pavertrend™ ?
Pavertrend™ manufactured and distributed nationwide by Spick n Clean®
We welcome all inquiries and its applications in asphalt and industrial maintenance. If you cannot find answers to your questions on this website.
Please call us directly at Tel.: 61 2 97710737, Fax: 61 2 97713881 or contact us by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Purchasing Spick n Clean® Products In Australia:
Direct Sales – All our products can be purchased directly from Spick n Clean Products Pty. Ltd., Small volume orders placed before 12:00 Noon EST can be shipped out same day via Fastway Couriers Pty. Ltd.
18. What size containers does Pavertrend™ come in?
1000L IBC TANK, 225L DRUM & 25L CUBES (special pack)