Pavertrend™ Applications

Paving Industry

Pavertrend™ asphalt solvent is a unique bio-green solvent to replace hazardous diesel fuel and kerosene for cleaning tar and asphalt from tools and equipment.

Pavertrend™ is currently being used by: Councils, paving contractors, roofing contractors, Department of road transport. 

As a Cleaner: In Preventing Build-up:
Shovels, Lutes & Rakes Hoppers of pavers
Tar kettles Hot Patch truck beds and chutes
Shuttle Buggies Paver chains
Overspray on concrete Tailgates
Distributors Shuttle Buggies
Hot Patch trucks Shovels
Milling machines Rakes
Pavers and paving equipment Paver augers
Motor Grader blades Distributor bars and nozzles
Tack lines Lutes
Wideners Belts