Asphalt / Hot mix Cost Saving

Pavertrend™ is 5 times more economical in Asphalt / Hot mix Driveway works.

When Pavertrend is used Asphalt / Hot mix driveway works or Road laying / repair works you can expect significant cost savings compared to Diesel.

Cost Analysis:

A. A leading paving contractor reported that it takes 10 Litres of diesel fuel to do a job as compared to 3 Litres.

  • 10 Litres Diesel fuel @ $1.25 Litre = $12.50
  • 02 Litres Pavertrend™ @ $5.50 Litre = $11.00

Pavertrend™ is consumed 1/5th of Diesel. It’s a micro film technology forms a non-stick film on the metal surface thus eliminating asphalt or bitumen to stick on the surface. You actually save money by switching to Pavertrend™.

B. One paving supervisor reported that they have to spray the hopper of the paver every 5th load in order to prevent build-up.

  • They do average 50 loads per day = spraying hopper ten (10) times per day.
  • Switching to Pavertrend™ = spraying only two (2) times per day.

C. Another road repair supervisor reported his crews have to spray diesel fuel every 5th shovel to prevent asphalt build

With Pavertrend™ they get over 30 shovels without reapplying product.

Financial benefits are realised from increased productivity resulting from the dramatic reduction of build up in flow-con trucks, tools like shovels.

End of the day if we take into consideration of the following costs:

  • Initial cost
  • Service costs
  • Preventative Maintenance costs
  • Operating costs
  • Disposal costs

Pavertrend™ is several times more cost effective.

Environmental & EPA cost

Most paving crews does not know why the use of diesel to clean paving equipment is not EPA compliant.

When diesel or other petroleum based fuels are spilled on roadways, it is absorbed into the ground or carried to local streams by rainwater and eventually makes its way into water table.

Once diesel fuel is in the water table, just one litre can contaminate upto a million litres of drinking water which your family enjoyes everyday.

It is costing local Councils, State Government to control this contamination.

Presently, this product is being used by all the major Asphalt manufacturers like Boral, EDI Downer Works, State Asphalts, Fulton Hogan and several Councils for more than 2 years. Now the same product is brought to you in a smaller packing.

Save money

  • It takes 5x (times) as much diesel fuel Vs 1 x times of Pavertrend™ to do the same job.
  • A leading paving contractor reported that it takes 5x as much diesel fuel to do the same job as Pavertrend™.
  • Diesel fuel = about $1.50 per Liter.
  • If it takes 5 Liters of diesel fuel to do the work of one Liter of Pavertrend™.
  • Actually we save money by switching to Pavertrend™ (a safer, more effective product).
  • Lastly, If your crew is reapplying Pavertrend™ 5 times less often, they will work much more efficiently.

Case : Diesel vs Pavertrend™

  • With Diesel you need to spray the hopper every 5th load to prevent build-up.
  • With Pavertrend you need to spray the hopper only twice per day to prevent build-up.
  • With Diesel you need to spray shovel - every 5 scoops to prevent asphalt build-up
  • With Pavertrend you need to spray shovel – every 30+ scoops to prevent asphalt build-up

Pavertrend™ is not only environmentally friendly and non-hazardous but also cost effective by saving time and money by staying longer, allowing only a fewer applications.

Case : Hot mix / Asphalt wasted on equipment

  • When paving roads with Asphalt / Hot mix and paving driveways significant amount of Asphalt / Hot mix gets stuck on the paving machinery, truck tires, road rollers, asphalt paving equipment, bins and tools like shovels etx.
  • At the cost of $175/ton Asphalt / Hot mix, this causes up to 5% loss of material.
  • This not only causes loss of Asphalt / Hot mix, frequent cleaning of the paving equipment and tools leads to increased machine downtime and wastage of skilled & unskilled manpower significantly impacting the productivity and profitability. 
  • Added to this if Diesel is used for cleaning instead of Pavertrend, it adds to environmental contamination and may attract penalties and fines from EPA (Environmental Protection Authorities)
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