Biodegradable Asphalt / Hot Mix Solvent

Biodegradable Asphalt and Hot Mix Release Agent

What is "Biodegradable"

Capable of being broken down (decomposed) rapidly by the action of microorganisms. Biodegradable substances include food scraps, cotton, wool, wood, human and animal waste, manufactured products based on natural materials (such as paper, and vegetable-oil based soaps). 

Readily Biodegradable

Readily Biodegradable is a term used for substances that meet the very stringent testing criteria of a ready biodegradability test demonstrating ultimate biodegradation within a specified time period. Substances that are readily biodegradable are expected to be rapidly degraded in wastewater treatment plants or in the environment. Readily biodegradable is one of the key criterions for demonstrating a lack of persistence in assessments, hazard classifications, or "green chemistry" certifications.

Inherently Biodegradable

Inherently Biodegradable is a term for substances that can be biodegraded under specific conditions. The inherent biodegradability test is not as stringent as a ready biodegradation study. It uses a greater amount of microorganism inoculum and doesn't have as strict of a time component. It is often used when a substance is not able to pass a readily biodegradable test, but will demonstrate whether or not the substance will eventually biodegrade.

Predicted to be Readily Biodegradable

Predicted to be Readily Biodegradable indicates that the substance has not been tested for biodegradation, but is predicted to be readily biodegradable based upon Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) modeling.

Bio-Green solvents

Bio-Green solvents are a step above biodegradable solvents. Bio green solvents are non-emitting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are often characterized for their no or low toxicity, low miscibility, easily biodegradable under environmental conditions. 

Since green solvents can be produced via a variety of processes, there are a limited number of bio green solvents, currently available in the industry. 

Research into the use of bio-green solvents in chemical synthesis is advancing, with the successful replacement of organic and halogenated solvents.

Bio green chemicals - often referred to as bio green or biodegradable products - are virtually the same as their petroleum-based counterparts, but are manufactured from renewable resources.

Recent advances in biotechnology are now making it possible to manufacture many traditional chemicals - and many promising new alternatives - from renewable biomass instead of petroleum.

Australia has a substantial potential competitive advantage in their manufacture:

  • We have a very strong agricultural sector with the largest amount of arable land.
  • Much of the downstream industry for bio green products (e.g., converting, logistics, warehousing) is already in place.

To foster growth of the bio green products sector in Australia, federal policy should provide strong support for research, development and commercialization of innovative bio green products, including grants and loans for construction of bio refineries, a strong bio green markets program, and tax incentives for pioneering commercial production.

Be Careful of 'Green' asphalt solvents as they May Not Be Very Green

Demand for "Bio green / Biodegradable" asphalt solvents is on the rise, as workers are increasingly unwilling to risk their health.

The truth is, most biodegradable asphalt solvents in the market are toxic chemical cocktails, and when you spritz your shovels or trucks with that brightly colored liquid you're exposing yourself and your family to endocrine disrupting phthalates, carcinogenic benzene, and organ-damaging phenols, just to name a few.

  • Pavertrend™ Biodegradable Asphalt Solvent Cost Effective & SAFE
  • Pavertrend™ is the Bio green / Biodegradable alternative asphalt solvent to other petroleum based lubricants. 
  • Pavertrend™ has changed the way the paving industry cleans their asphalt paving machinery and equipment. 
  • Pavertrend™ is a most effective Non-Stick Cleaner and Lubricant used in Asphalt paving applications. 
  • Pavertrend™ sets a new standard by being environmentally safe and several times more effective and cost saving. 
  • Pavertrend™ is better than Diesel as an asphalt solvent / cleaner / remover, since it is Bio-green / Biodegradable and safe. It is legal to use. 
  • Avoid EPA fine by using Pavertrend™. 
  • In addition, Pavertrend™ is highly cost effective. 
  • Pavertrend™ saves time & effort and reduces frequency of cleaning equipment since action of Pavertrend™ is long lasting by leaving a slick oily film on the surface of the equipment that prevents sticking of asphalt to the surface of the equipment.