Pavertrend™ is Unique in 9 ways

Anyone working with asphalt know, asphalt sticks to tools & equipment when cooled. It must be removed, most conveniently by dissolving it in a solvent. However, as anyone with field experience also knows, it is impossible to prevent spillage of the solvent & asphalt combination while doing paving operation. Diesel, fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline and other citrus based agents are most commonly used solvents. This has a significant EPA regulatory implications. Pavertrend™ is a safe and effective replacement for diesel, fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline and other citrus based solvents.

Remove build-up Build-up : Disappears as you run your shovel through hot mix. No Mixing required ready to use : Saves your valuable time. Spray your paver or dip your tools : Easily applied to your equipment and tools without generating any hazardous waste. Bonds to Metal Surfaces : Slow evaporation - stays on shovels, rakes & equipment longer, so you may re-apply less often. Emulsifiable : Once the asphalt is dissolved, it is easily rinsed away with water allowing for simple cleanup.

Made out of natural resources. Safe to your workers and the environment.

Pavertrend™ = > 125°C
Diesel = < 55°C Safe for workers.
Less expensive to store & ship.

Free from build-up of paver hopper, pneumatic rollers & material transfer vehicles(MTV)

Reduces maintenance time of paving equipment and overall cost of maintenance.

Pavertrend™ is 200% more effective than Diesel. Prevents build ups.

Pavertrend™ is useful for cleaning shovels, spray bars, lutes, shuttle buggy, tailgates etc.

Leaves a sleek oily film on the surface of tools & equipment. Prevents asphalt & tar from sticking

Does not harm paint, rubber, metals, Hydraulic seals & plastics

Pavertrend™ complies 100% to Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) regulations.