Asphalt / Hot mix Cleaning & Removal

Biodegradable Asphalt and Hot Mix Cleaning & Extraction

Asphalt Cleaning & Removal 

Keep it clean. That's the first and last rule in maintaining asphalt equipment’s. 

"If you keep the machine clean, the rest of it's pretty easy" 

Paving Crew should take time at the end of the day to scrape asphalt from the machine. "If asphalt gets hard, it's five times harder to get it off the machine."

If you're not maintaining the machine, "it's probably costing you triple to operate. 

Keeping Paving Equipment Clean & Maintained

Typically, a paving machine will require only minor maintenance work up to the 3000-hour mark. At 3000 hours, it will usually be due for a major overhaul, including new pumps, motors, etc.

When it's hot, it doesn't stick at all. But when it gets cold, we have to use a release agent to keep the asphalt from sticking to the metal when it gets cold. That makes the job of scraping off asphalt easier. And the machine should be lubricated after the end-of-day cleaning and again in the morning, before use, for good measure. "It's just like coating a cooking pan with oil" 

Training is Key

People who haven't been trained have no business at the controls.

If they don't operate it correctly, the forces, stresses, and vibrations can cause components to fail or result in structural damage. 

Criteria for selecting a solvent for asphalt cleaning & removing tar: 

  1. Effectiveness in removing the tar and fast drying 
  2. Shall have low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound)
  3. Shall have no or low content of HAPs 
  4. Shall have low toxicity 
  5. Shall have high flash point >65°C
  6. Shall have low flammability 
  7. The ability to recycle the solvent 
  8. The cleaner residues must be biodegradable and easily treatable. 
  9. Material compatibility, use of the solvent should not damage paint, rubber & O-rings.
  10. The cost of the solvent should be minimal.

Pavertrend™ - Cleaner + Lubricant + Release Agent
Bitud’solv™ - Bitumen & Asphalt Remover, meets the above criteria of selecting the solvent.