There are regulatory considerations at work when using diesel fuel, kerosene and petroleum based asphalt solvents. Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has been implementing it with their usual hard hitting approach. Violations can result in fines up to $25000.00 per day per violation. The resulting fines could easily put a contractor out of business altogether if diesel is used as an asphalt solvent.

  • Australian Environmental Legislation - Clean Waters Act 1970
  • Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997 (POEO Act)
  • What the Act requires under s 96(3A) of the POEO Act?
  • Pollution of waters under s120 of the POEO Act?

The above Public Law prohibit discharge of diesel or related substances on the ground for any use including cleaning asphalt. These Public Law relate to paving industry, and are the reasons why it is no longer permissible to use diesel fuel to clean equipment with or as a release agent of asphalt and bitumen.