Cleaning Power

Pavertrend™ outperforms diesel fuel and citrus solvents in its ability to penetrate and clean hardened asphalt. Pavertrend™ has the maximum cleaning power compared to Diesel just above 50% where as Citrus solvents have below 50% cleaning power.

Efficiency of Pavertrend - Biodegradable Asphalt Solvent / Cleaner

Releasing Power

After applying Pavertrend™, diesel fuel and a leading citrus solvent to a clean shovel and allowing excess product to drip off, we counted how many shovels of asphalt could be completed before noticeable build-up occurred.

Biodegradable Asphalt Release Agent
Safer than Diesel - Biodegradable Asphalt Solvent / Cleaner

Flammability Power

Two properties which affect a solvent’s capacity to cause fires and explosions are evaporation rate and flashpoint. In general, the higher a solvent’s evaporation rate - the faster it evaporates and the more readily it can create explosive or flammable air/vapor mixtures. All, solvents, flammable or not, should be isolated from sources of heat, sparks, flame, and static electricity.

Unlike Citrus, Pavertrend™ is..

Non-Hazardous – most citrus products do not meet EPA regulations. Less Expensive – the leading citrus products cost about twice as much on average as Pavertrend™ More effective - Pavertrend™ stays on longer so it can be reapplied less. Non-Flammable – The flashpoint for Pavertrend™ is much higher than most citrus products.